US imposes more sanctions on Myanmar on second anniversary of military junta

As the country celebrates the second anniversary of this military coup, the United States of America and its allies took the opportunity to tighten the noose around the military regime while imposing sanctions on the country.

The development also comes at a time when Myanmar’s military junta last Friday announced tough criteria for contesting this year’s elections in a bid to tighten its grip on the country’s political landscape.

According to a statement from the Ministry of Finance, WE on Tuesday imposed sanctions on the Myanmar Union Election Commission, mining companies and energy officials, among others, Reuters reported.

The United States also imposed sanctions on Myanmar earlier, but this is the first time that Washington has targeted Myanmar Oil and Gas Company (MOGE).

Other countries that have also announced sanctions against Myanmar include CanadaAustralia and English.

Canada is targeting six people and imposing additional sanctions on the export, sale, supply or delivery of aviation fuel to Myanmar’s military regime.

Sadness The latter also targets the Director General and Deputy Director General of MOGE.

According to the Ministry of Finance, state-owned MOGE is the junta’s biggest revenue-generating enterprise.

The United States has also designated the Minister of Energy of the Union of Myanmar, as the key who ignores any involvement related to the national and international energy sector.

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Last year, citing an aerial bombardment by the Myanmar military that killed up to 100 people, Washington imposed restrictions on Sky Aviator, a major supplier of military aircraft parts to the Myanmar military.

The United States has consistently denounced the Myanmar military for its brazen attempts to suppress the democratic aspirations of the people of Myanmar.


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