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COMPAS.com – University of British Columbia (UBC) at Canada provide scholarships for international students including Indonesians to pursue their undergraduate studies (S1) in 2023. Scholars will study at UBC, with the application deadline November 15, 2022.

The awarding of these scholarships aims to help and support outstanding students in creating change on a global scale. The hope is that they can dedicate themselves to contributing to their school and community.

University of British Columbia coverage in 2023

By launching the official website of the University of British Columbia, prospective students who successfully complete the scholarship will receive a scholarship of USD 25,000 per year, approximately IDR 390 million.

If this amount does not cover basic tuition and living expenses, students can apply for the International Scholar program.

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4 Tracks of the 2023 International Scholars Program

Scholarship applicants cannot choose a type of scholarship program to be accepted. The International Scholars Program Committee will determine and place each entrant based on their requirements.

1. Karen McKellin International Leader of Tomorrow Award

This scholarship is for students with superior academic achievement, leadership skills, involvement in community organizations and services, and good academic standing.

2. Donald A. Wehrung International Student Award

It is intended for high-achieving students from impoverished or war-torn areas who have achieved academic excellence under difficult circumstances and are in dire need of financial assistance to pursue higher education.

3. International Impact Award

These scholarships are awarded to students who express their commitment and solutions to issues of social justice, climate change, equality and inclusion, public health and well-being and freedom of expression.

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4. Vantage One Award of Excellence

This scholarship is exclusively for those at UBC Vantage College for academically outstanding international students who have not met the English language acceptance standard for direct admission to UBC.

2023 University of British Columbia Scholars Criteria

1. Applicants are international students who will study in Canada and have a study permit in Canada

2. Accepted as a student at UBC

3. Graduated from high school or equivalent no earlier than June two years before the start of the school year, e.g. applicants for college in 2023 must have graduated from high school no later than June 2021

4. For those who have never taken S1, are not allowed to register

5. Demonstrated excellent academic performance (achieves all A’s or equivalent standards)

6. Indicate the financial situation that requires financial assistance to study at UBC

7. Meet UBC admission requirements, including general requirements and standard English

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How to Apply for the University of British Columbia Scholarship 2023

1. Register via the International Scholar Program app: https://undergraduatescholarships.ubc.ca/prog/2023_international_scholars_program_/

2. Determine the program or major you wish to study at UBC

3. To apply for a scholarship through the International Scholarship Program, this can only be done with a recommendation from a school or non-profit organization and then submit a letter of recommendation from the director of school.

4. Collect files related to financial conditions, as well as a description of activity in extracurricular activities, social activities and rewards.

5. Submit registration files to the International Scholar Program application before November 15, 2022

6. Submit application for admission to UBC by December 1, 2022

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Steps of Enrollment for the 2023 International Scholars Program

1. November 15, 2022: Application deadline for the International Scholars Program

2. December 1, 2022: submit proof of acceptance as a new student at UBC

3. January 31, 2023: announcement of the passage of the UBC English selection

4. January 31, 2023: Submit all required documents for admission to UBC.

5. Mid-April 2023: announcement of college scholarship holders

You can take advantage of this University of British Columbia scholarship program by preparing all the required things from now on.

Complete information regarding the University of British Columbia Scholarships 2023 can be found on the official website of the University of British Columbia. https://you.ubc.ca/financial-planning/scholarships-awards-international-students/international-scholars/

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