UN condemns Russia’s annexation of Ukraine, 4 ‘defective’ countries

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The United Nations General Assembly condemned Russia’s annexation of four regions of Ukraine in a meeting held on Wednesday (10/12/2022) local time.

In New York, 143 countries out of the 193 members of the General Assembly voted in favor of a resolution calling Moscow’s move illegal and a deepening of Russia’s international isolation.

Only four countries joined Russia in voting against the resolution: Syria, Nicaragua, North Korea and Belarus. Thirty-five countries abstained in the vote, including Russia’s strategic partner China, while the others did not.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy said on Twitter that he was grateful to the 143 countries that backed the historic resolution. He also stressed that the annexation of his territory by Russia was unnecessary.

Meanwhile, in Brussels, more than 50 Western countries have gathered to pledge increased military assistance to Ukraine, particularly air defense systems, following heavy retaliatory strikes this week ordered by Russian President Vladimir Putin in response to an explosion on a bridge in Crimea.

The allies’ pledges include an announcement by France that it will deliver radar and air defense systems to Ukraine in the coming weeks. Canada also said it would provide artillery shells and winter clothing, among other supplies.

US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin said Russia’s latest attack expresses its hatred and atrocities since the attack on Ukraine on February 24. At least 26 people have been killed since Monday in Russian missile fire across Ukraine.

Meanwhile, Ukraine has gained momentum since September with a number of battle victories, but still needs more help,

“We’re going to do everything we can to make sure they have what it takes to be effective,” Austin said. ReutersThursday (13/10/2022).

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