Ukraine fears Western sanctions on Russia are weakening due to Canada’s actions

Bisnis.comJAKARTA — President Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky admitted that he was concerned that sanctions in the form of restrictions on energy exports would be imposed by Western countries on Russia weakened by Canada’s actions.

“It’s not just about some Nord Stream turbines that Canada shouldn’t have, but you still decided to hand them over to Russia. These are general rules,” Zelensky said in his speech, quoted by, Tuesday (12/7/2022).

He asked the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry to summon Canadian officials regarding the Russian Nord Stream gas turbine they have repaired and would soon send back to the opposing country.

Of note, Canada is currently repairing and will soon return the gas turbine to Russian energy company Gazprom.

He called the return of the gas turbine a violation of sanctions agreed by Russia with Western countries.

“The decision on the exclusion of sanctions will be seen in Moscow exclusively as a manifestation of weakness. This is their logic,” he continued.

According to him, this could have an impact on Russia’s confidence in limiting gas supplies to Europe as much as possible.

Zelensky opposed Canada’s decision to return the gas turbine, amid the crisis his country was going through. In fact, he predicts the decision could have a bigger impact later on.

For information, the delivery of this gas turbine is also linked to Germany. The reason is that Germany is pushing Canada to return it. In addition, the gas turbine will be sent to Germany and then transported to Russia’s Gazprom.

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