UGM Faculty of Forestry Alumni Lot of 1980 Call Original Jokowi’s Graduation

TEMPO.CO, Yogyakarta- Dozens of families of Gadjah Mada University of 1980 Class of Forestry (KAGAMAHUT) alumni gathered again on campus with University Leaving Certificates on Friday, October 21, 2022 Joko Widodo’s close friend discussed the issue of Jokowi’s Diploma which some consider false.

The meeting was held to coincide with the 59th anniversary of the UGM Faculty of Forestry. KAGAMAHUT conveyed the message that President Jokowi was an alumnus of the Faculty of Forestry, Lot 1980. KAGAMA Legal Aid also said that they are ready to provide assistance to former UGM members in need.

1980’s KAGAMAHUT Batch representative Mustoha Iskandar said that Jokowi was really one of them. Mustoha has denied rumors circulating about fake diploma Jokowi.

“As alumni of the Faculty of Forestry, Gadjah Mada University Class of 1980, we are also morally responsible to settle outstanding issues regarding the degree of Ir. Joko Widodo,” he said. declared. “We are all witnesses as comrades of Mr. Jokowi’s generation.”

Mustoha said that during his lectures, Jokowi was an outgoing person. Since the first, according to him, Jokowi hasn’t changed much in the way he dresses, either before or while he was president. “From the beginning, he was simple and humble, so we did not hesitate to make friends. He was very active by participating in the activities of the student organization for nature lovers or Mapala Silvagama”, a- he declared.

Head of Litigation Division of KAGAMA Legal Aid (KBH), Mandela Sinaga, said that as a member of UGM’s alumni, KBH is always ready to provide assistance to alumni in need, including the question of Jokowi’s fake diploma. “KAGAMA Legal Aid is always at hand,” Mandela said.

President KAGAMA Legal Aid Romulo Silaen added, in connection with statements by multiple parties blaming the validity of Jokowi’s degree, that he called on the public not to spread fake news and misleading information.

“We call on anyone who has been spreading false information and fake news to stop their actions immediately as these illegal acts have legal consequences,” he said.


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