Two Polwan Polda Central Java join the International Conference of Policewomen in Canada

Two Polwan Polda Central Java join the International Conference of Policewomen in Canada

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Wednesday, September 14, 2022 6:44 PM WIB

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Indonesia sent a team of delegates to the 59th Conference of the International Association of Women Policewomen (IAWP) held from September 12-16, 2022 in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada.

At the conference, which was attended by representatives from 70 countries, Indonesia sent a delegation consisting of 12 active female police officers accompanied by two retired female police generals, namely the Inspector General of Police (P) Juansih, Inspector General of Police (P) Apriastini Bakti.
Head of Gassus Ro Binkar SSDM Polri, Kombes Pol. Hendra Wirawan also accompanied the team in these activities.

Two policewomen from the Central Java Police participated in the Indonesian police delegation team. The two policewomen include Central Java Dokkes Police Chief Kombes Pol DR. dr. Sumy Hastry Purwanti SpF and Magelang City Police Chief AKBP Yolanda Evalyn Sebayang. Kombes Pol DR. dr. Sumy Hastry Purwanti SpF revealed that the Indonesian delegation team was very enthusiastic and learned a lot of new knowledge during this IAWP conference.

Dr. Hastri also explained that this conference raises the question of how female police officers around the world build relationships, build strength and develop the art of leadership.

“The discussion at this conference is about how female police officers around the world work together to build relationships so that they bond and strengthen each other, increase their professionalism and also manage their personal lives,” explained the police officer. forensic.

Additionally, the IAWP conference in Ontario also encourages the creation of an inclusive environment where female police officers can be respected, valued and able to develop their unique talents. “He also discussed how to develop mentally and physically in a healthy way, skills to be able to adapt quickly to each work environment and be tough in the face of each challenge,” he added.

Niagara Falls is the right place to discuss physical and mental health, followed by yoga training activities backed by the magnificent view of Niagara Falls. As with previous conferences, the IAWP conference in Ontario also recognizes female police officers who successfully carry out their duties in an innovative and persistent manner by providing the best service to the community.

Additionally, awards were also given to male police officers who have played a major role in supporting the duties and career development of female police officers, both as sponsors and mentors. “Because in the performance of their duties, female police officers need mentors who encourage them to gain good professional experience. For female police officers to become police officers who are proud of their careers and their work in society,” said Doctor Hastri.


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