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Jakarta (ANTARA) – XBC Sportech CEO Urgyen Rinchen Sim told Tangerang, Banten on Thursday that Jon Jon Jet and Ilham Leoisa have seen rapid development since being coached by Canada’s David John Treharnem. Jon Jon Jet and Ilham undergo intense training for the WBC Asia title match against their respective opponents at World Siam Stadium, Bangkapi, Bangkok, Thailand on October 14.

Jon will face Yuttichai Wannawong for the vacant WBC Asia Continental super bantamweight title, while Ilham will face Poramin Saengpak for the vacant welterweight division title. “Jon will face an opponent who is experienced and has a much better ranking. We are doing this so that our boxers can improve their abilities and also their mentality,” said Simon, the nickname of Urgyen Rinchen Sim.

“If they win against a better boxer then their ranking will also increase so that later on they will be ready to fight at the highest level. This is all a process that has to be lived because we don’t want it to be instant. ,” he said.

Jon and Ilham suffered training camp been with Davis since the third week of September. David wasted no time and immediately trained the two Indonesian boxers with physical and technical training. “When I arrived Jon and Ilham weren’t ready for a title fight. They wanted to work hard and showed rapid improvement in the second week,” David said.

“With the current conditions, I’m sure they will have no trouble going eight rounds and beating their opponents,” he continued.

While preparing, David gave Jon and Ilham a Spartan training regimen to increase their stamina and also improve their fighting techniques and strategies to deal with their opponents. This Canadian trainer admits that he knows very well the character of Thai boxers because he lived in the land of the white elephants for more than 30 years and also trained six boxers there who became world champions.

Jon also admitted that he got a lot of new ideas from David, especially in terms of technique and strategy, which made him feel more confident going into the title fights. “In the first week of training it was really difficult. But after that I really felt the benefits. With this training I’m more confident for the game later. It’s just a matter of how I apply what the coach gave me during training,” he said.

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Ilham feels the same. This boxer with the rank of chief soldier of the Indonesian Air Force said he was ready to bring the championship belt back to Indonesia. “After my return from Pattaya last July, I immediately prepared for the Dirgantara Boxing Camp. Then, for the last three weeks, I trained with the XBC Sportech team and Coach David,” Ilham said.

“We have prepared everything, including watching the footage of the opponent’s match and studying his fighting style. I am ready to win the WBC Asia continental champion belt,” he concluded. The match in Thailand will be called Night of the Champions, which is the second event of the XBC Sportech and Evolution Fight collaboration.

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