Twitter now shows how many views your tweets have had

TEMPO.CO, JakartaTwitter announced that the tweet count view is now coming to iOS and Android and soon to the web. This feature allows users to see the number of times someone has seen your tweets or someone else’s tweets, although there are some exceptions.

On the Twitter app, look at the view counter next to the number of comments, retweets, and likes. According to the Twitter FAQ, not all tweets have a viewable view count. Tweets communities, Twitter circle tweets and “old” tweets will not have data available.

As for what counts as a view, it seems like it’s basically every time your tweet appears on someone’s screen, even if it’s yours. Twitter has this to say: “Anyone who views your Tweet counts for a view, regardless of where they viewed your Tweet, such as homepage, search, profile, as well as tweets embedded in articles, etc. It doesn’t matter if the viewer is a follower or not, it still matters. As the owner of the tweet, viewing their own Tweet, this also counts as a view. If you later view a tweet on the web and then view it on your phone, that will count as two views.

Before, when Elon Musk announced the feature on December 1. He hinted that he was trying to make text and image posts on the platform look like video posts, which already had a public view. He also said the feature was meant to show how lively the platform is, and that just looking at replies and likes doesn’t give users the full picture.

Adding more publicly visible information on social media is actually the opposite of what other companies are doing. For example, last year Instagram and Facebook started allowing users to hide the number of likes their posts got, a feature they had tested for years.

Even YouTube, whose number of public views has become a defining characteristic of the platform, has started hiding some information. In 2021, YouTube hides the number of public dislikes, so only content creators can see how many people clicked the thumbs down button on their videos.


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