Twitter introduces the “edit” function in Canada, Australia and New Zealand

Jakarta (ANTARA) – Twitter has finally officially introduced the “Edit” function for its premium service users in Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

The “Edit” function allows users to modify the content of the tweet if an error is detected.

Quoted from Twitter account @TwitterBlue on Tuesday, it is confirmed that this service is only available for users of Twitter’s paid service, so this service is not available for ordinary users.

Twitter officially released the feature for users after feeling that its testing last month went well.

“Testing went smoothly, ‘Edit Tweet’ is currently available to Twitter Blue followers in Canada, Australia and New Zealand!” tweeted @TwitterBlue.

Other than these three countries, the other Twitter Blue customers that will benefit from the “Edit” functionality in the near future are customers in the United States.

Even so, there is no specific date for the release of the “Edit” feature in the land of Uncle Sam.

Further down the thread, Twitter revealed that other users may discover that a tweet took advantage of the “Edit” feature or didn’t cross the icon next to when the tweet was uploaded.

Not only that, Twitter also provides a trail of tweets before they are edited so that users can see which parts have changed.

It took a long time for Twitter to finally officially introduce this feature, however, the long-awaited feature has finally arrived.

It is not yet known whether this feature will be extended to non-paying users or not.

Concluding the thread, Twitter also mentioned that it would be doing further testing of this feature in new markets.

“We’re excited to continue testing this feature in new markets, great to hear from you,” Twitter concluded.

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