Towards the exhibition in Canada, here are the winners of the WTBOS Sawahlunto photography competition

SUMMARY LOG | Sawahlunto – The City of Sawahlunto Heritage and Culture Museum Office has announced the winners of the Unesco Ombilin Coal Mine Heritage Site (WTBOS) photography contest held from Thursday May 12 to May 31, 2022.

The winners of the World Heritage Site photography competition on the theme “It’s good to live in Sawahlunto as a World Heritage Site” are the first winner Yorri Farli (Tangerang), the second winner Andika Putra (Bukittinggi), the third winner Ihsan (Bukittinggi) and the first winner Jhohan Syah (Solo).

The head of the department of historical heritage and culture of the city of Sawahlunto Hilmed said that this photography competition is part of the third anniversary of the WTBOS UNESCO site and efforts to preserve it.

“And the winning photo will be better displayed in the photo exhibition of the 16th Congress of the Organization of World Heritage Cities in the place of Yowville Guebec which will be held from August 15 to September 10, 2022,” Hilmed said Monday (6 /6 /2022).

Head of the Department of Historical Heritage and Museums of Cultural Heritage and Museums of Sawahlunto City, Rahmad Gino, appreciated the 85 photographic works that participated in the photography competition.

“Thank you to the 33 contestants who participated with 85 excellent photographic works and who will be a motivation to preserve WTBOS”, said Gino.

This time the winner is the photo of the mine worker and the Soegar pit by Yorri Farli (Tangerang) who is entitled to a prize of Rp. 4 million, the second place is Andika Putra (Bukittinggi) of Rp. 3.5 million , 3rd place is Ihsan (Bukittinggi) of Rp. 3 million and 1st Champion Jhohan Syah (Solok) of IDR 2.5 million withholding.

“In addition to receiving monetary awards, each winner will also receive a trophy in the form of charcoal plaques and certificates of appreciation and the photos of the first and second place winners will be exhibited at the 16th Congress of the Organization of Heritage Cities world in Canada,” he said.

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