Tokyo Drakor Money Heist Korea Chosen Profile Of Jeon Jong Seo With Unique Facts

TRIBUNMANADO.CO.ID Korean Money Heists published the continuation of episodes 7 to 12 on Friday (12/09/2022) on netflix.

Money Heist Korea with Jeon Jong Seo back to steal attention Public.

Play as a character Tokyo, Jeon Jong Seo be a success korean drama this.

Money Heist Korea is a series Drakor which was launched from the Spanish heist crime drama of the same name.

Previously, Jeon Jong Seo was popularly known to the public through his role as psychopath Oh Young Sook in the movie “The Call” (2020), which also starred Park Shin Hye.

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Here is the profile of Jeon Jong Seo who embodies the character of Tokyo in the series Money Heist: Korea. She never won the Best Actress award. (IMDb)

We can say that Jeon Jong Seo is a new South Korean actress.

The July 5, 1994 actress didn’t wait long to land the lead role after signing a contract with My Company.

Let’s take a look at the career path Jeon Jong Seo Who’s playing Tokyo serial Korean Money Heists.

1. Jeon Jong Seo Lived in Canada

Jeon Jong Seo was born in South Korea. Before becoming an actor in South Korea, he lived in Canada with his family.

However, when he was in middle school (SMP), Jong Seo moved to Canada with his family.

While in Canada, Jong Seo only studied until he graduated from high school.

Then, he chose to pursue his secondary education (SMA) at Seoul Arts High School.

After graduating from high school, Jeon Jong Seo continued his studies at Sejong University. However, he took a leave of absence from college in 2018.

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