Tired of the Jiwasraya affair until the ASABRI repeats itself, Erick Thohir collaborates with the KPK to manage the pension funds of the BUMN

Jakarta: SOE Minister Erick Thohir takes the lead Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) clean up the pension funds of public companies.

Erick not only wants to focus on Jiwasraya, ASABRI and Taspen, but also wants to improve pension funds in each BUMN that indicated a problem.

“Next week, the KPK chairman and I will meet with all state enterprises for careful discussion, as we will investigate the audit,” Erick said, as reported by Antara. Included betweenMonday, January 2, 2023.

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BUMN’s meeting with the KPK is significant, as only about 35% of BUMN’s pension funds are healthy, while the remaining 65% show signs of trouble.

“I want to clean up. Don’t just focus on ASABRI and Jiwasraya, while the pension funds of each BUMN forget,” he said.

Earlier, Erick Thohir said that about 65% of the BUMN pension funds need special attention to be repaired immediately so that they do not deteriorate like in the ASABRI and Jiwasraya cases.

They did comparative analysis with Singapore and Canada to be able to complete the improvement of pension funds in public enterprises.

The Ministry of BUMN also plans to transform the management of BUMN pension funds in accordance with good corporate governance (good corporate governance) in 2023.

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