Tips for choosing digital investments so you don’t get scammed

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Do not be tempted or tempted by an offer investment it’s not clear just because of the lure of big profits and bonuses. Mei Santi, volunteer secretary of information and communication technology of East Java, invited the public to recognize various digital investments to avoid fraud.

“Investment digital is an investment business to generate long-term profits digitally through internet technology,” Santi said.

Mei said several types of digital investments are investments in digital gold, mutual funds, digital stocks, currencies and real estate. Currently, there are also many digital investment platforms, such as seed, Barksa, iPotfund, etc.

He added that some of the advantages of digital investing are that it can save time for investors, it is convenient, investments can be started with a small nominal, and transactions are easy and can be done. anywhere. Digital investments can also be easy-to-control long-term savings.

“However, there are also downsides like being vulnerable to fraud, sometimes the app has glitches or Mistakeor it takes time to shell out the returns on investment,” he explained.

Tips for beginners
Therefore, there are a number of digital investing tips for beginners. Some of them carefully choose the type and platform of investment. In addition, the legality of its operations must also be ensured by checking directly on the website of the Financial Services Authority (OJK). Second, do not provide important or confidential personal data.

“Remember to change your password and PIN periodically. Next, don’t use public Wi-Fi networks often. And no less important is understanding the risk of the chosen investment,” he said.

Meanwhile, UIN Sayyid Ali Rahmatullah Tulungagung Business and Marketing Professor Deny Yudiantoro reminded the audience of the many fraudulent investments available to the public. According to him, in order not to fall into false investment offers, it is necessary to ensure two things, namely legality and logic. Legality is whether the business is registered and has official legal licenses. The logic concerns the rationality of the incentive to invest.

“Several features false investment or illegal promises big profits in a short time, promising bonuses from the results of recruiting new members, risk-free claims or unclear legality,” Deny said.

With the presence of the National Digital Literacy Movement program of the Ministry of Communication and Information, it is hoped that it can encourage people to use the Internet in an intelligent, positive, creative and productive way.

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