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German league news: Alphonso Davies, Bayern Munich’s main full-back, has just been named Canadian Footballer of the Year 2022, as well as the 22-year-old’s fourth time in the past five seasons.

Alphonso Davies deserved this award, given his extraordinary performance with Bayern Munich and the Canadian national team over the past year. With Die Bavarian, he played a big part in the club’s success winning the 2021/22 Bundesliga title and the 2022 Super Cup. Looking back, he also performed very well when Bayern won the European Champions League 2019/20 and became the first Canadian player to win the most prestigious title among European clubs.

Not only that, he is also Canada’s backbone in qualifying for the 2022 World Cup, which will be his first appearance since last qualifying in the 1986 edition. played in Qatar, Davies managed to score a goal for Canada, specifically in the match against Croatia in Group F.

Even though his country had to be knocked out in the group stage, Alphonso Davies admitted he was quite proud to be able to play on a World Cup class stage.

“Every time I play a game (at the 2022 World Cup) it’s a really great feeling. Every time I come to training I’m living a dream and I’m happy about it,” said Davies , a player who defended Vancouver Whitecaps FC during the vulnerable period from 2015 to 2018.

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