This TikTok influencer lived through a skydiving accident until his death

RIAU24.COM – Skydiving is quite an extreme sport, not everyone can practice this sport, because if you are not careful, the consequences will be fatal.

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This was experienced by a TikTok influencer from Canada, a woman named Ask Pardazi He had a skydiving accident that killed him. (9/27/22) ago.

It is known that Tanya opened her parachute too late, causing her to fall to the ground. This was revealed by a local skydiving service provider.

Turns out Tanya just learned to skydive at Skydive Toronto. Unfortunately, his new hobby ended in an accident.

According to her friends, Tanya is an adventurous girl. He chose skydiving as his new sporting activity.

Until now, Tanya’s friends still can’t believe what happened to her

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“It was the biggest shock for us. It was very difficult to deal with. It’s been a few days but we still can’t believe it,” said Tanya Pardazi’s friend Melody Ozgoli.

For your information, Tanya is a TikTok influencer with nearly 100,000 followers.

She has already participated in the Miss Canada pageant, she is also a smart girl. Prior to her departure, Tanya was a philosophy student at the University of Toronto.

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