This prefab house is supposed to be energy efficient, are you interested in owning one?

JAKARTA, – In recent times, more and more people are turning to home options with green and energy-efficient technologies.

In addition to being applied in conventional houses, green technology has also started to be applied to houses built with prefabricated systems.

Even due to its more compact shape, this prefabricated house is priced much cheaper than conventional housing.

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One of the Canadian companies, CABN.CO has just launched a prefabricated house product with an energy saving guarantee.

This versatile cabin-style home can be your home almost anywhere in town or country.

As quoted on the official website CABN.CO, a modular home made from steel frame foundations and fitted with performance windows and doors.

But uniquely, this manufactured home is also equipped with Energy Information Modeling (EIM) technology that allows the homeowner to monitor and maintain temperature throughout the CABN.

With this technology, the amount of energy going out can be better monitored so that energy consumption can be regulated by,

Currently, CABN has launched two domestic models available for pre-order, namely Mor.ii and Sonder types.

Mor.ii is a cabin with an area of ​​50 square meters and has one bedroom. While Sonder has an area of ​​70 square meters and contains two bedrooms.

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Both models have two floors and are equipped with a bathroom. The main material used is wood from the floor, from the terrace to the partitions throughout the house.

On the roof of the house, it is equipped with solar panels which allow the owners to have extra electricity wherever they are.

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