This Passenger Gets Rs 18 Million Replacement Because His Baggage Is Delayed


A two-day baggage delay in 2021 is the airline’s responsibility. Whether passengerThe aircraft also received compensation of Rp. 18 million.

During the summer of this year, news about the mess of baggage handling is often heard. Especially in European countries. Many passengers eventually renounced the existence of their suitcases.

Under normal flight conditions, events lost suitcase or arriving late sometimes happens. One of the victims is Jessica Kalynn.

reported from PeopleWednesday (28/7/2022) the incident happened last year, to be exact in September 2021, but the results of the trial have just been announced.

The suitcase Kalynn had brought on the Air Canada flight to Dubai arrived later than her. The suitcase did not arrive until two days after arriving at its destination.

Due to the delay, Kalynn had to buy everything she needed. He bought four pairs of shoes, six bottoms, five tops, a bathing suit, two pairs of underwear, a pair of socks and toiletries.

Kalynn felt she needed these items to attend a business meeting. He spent around $2,120.67 or around Rs 32 million for all these purposes.

As part of the process, Air Canada offered an initial compensation of 500 USD, or approximately 7.5 million rupees. However, Kalynn objected. He filed a complaint that the airline should have paid US$1,620.67, or about Rs.24.3 million, as compensation for the money that had to be spent due to the baggage delay.

Kalynn filed the claim in the British Columbia Court of Civil Resolution. Air Canada considers Kalynn’s claims to be excessive. However, two weeks ago the court granted Kalynn’s request.

A member of the tribunal, Shelley Lopez, said she fully understood the situation experienced by both parties. According to him, what Kalynn did made sense. He referred to Kalynn’s schedule of activities in Dubai.

“I think it makes sense for Ms. Kalynn to buy a few different clothes and shoes considering the activities planned,” Lopez wrote. Radio Canada.

However, he also believed that Kalynn had not provided sufficient reason for the purchase of four pairs of shoes, six bottoms and five tops. Even so, Lopez still believes that Air Canada should give the best passenger additional pay.

He ordered Air Canada to pay Kalynn an additional 700 USD (10.5 million rupees) in damages. In addition to the 500 USD (Rp 7.5 million) already paid. In total, he received Rp 8 million from the airline.

It is not uncommon to file a claim for damages in Canada. It has been regulated that passengers whose baggage is delayed can file a claim for compensation of up to USD 2,200 or approximately Rs 33 million.

According to rights experts passenger Air Gábor Lukács provided the compensation is based on a clear reason, it is entirely possible for passengers to obtain the maximum compensation. With a note, the purchase receipt is still there.

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