This is the real reason airplanes have windows

Why there are windows on planes is not what most people think.

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA – When boarding a plane, some passengers often reserve a seat near the window. They want to get the best views from takeoff, throughout the flight, to landing.

Meanwhile, many also believe that windows are necessary for security reasons. Indeed, the flight crew recently revealed that window blinds should be left open in anticipation of an emergency.

In fact, what is the reason why airplanes have windows? In fact, the reasons are not what you think.

Airplane windows are purely designed for passenger comfort, nothing else. Software engineer Shaunak Bhattacharjeee explains in Quora that aircraft are designed with safety in mind without compromising passenger luxury or comfort.

“The main purpose of having windows on airplanes is nothing but to make passengers less claustrophobic. It takes technology and money to build it,” he said. The sunFriday (8/19/2022).

Former US Flight Lieutenant John Cox says it’s also the reason for the size airplane window no bigger. He said the structure around the windows was heavier.

“If you look at planes designed as freighters, they don’t have windows,” Cox said.

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