This is how exercise and diet can lead to longevity

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta -Exercise is done by everyone for the health of the body, as well as diet for a more attractive appearance, these two things can also hold long life.

Each person’s exercise frequency and intensity may be different. But according to a study from St. Paul in Vancouver, Canada, published in The Lancet, the minimum amount of exercise to promote longevity and youthfulness is around 150 minutes per week.

This study involved people between the ages of 35 and 70 regarding the performance of daily physical activity. More than 140,000 people from 17 countries completed the questionnaire provided by the researchers.

As a result, people who exercised at least 150 minutes a week had a 28% lower overall risk of death and a 20% lower risk of heart disease.

Surprisingly, people who exercised more or about 750 minutes per week actually had a lower risk of death, which was only 20%.

“The results are in line with World Health Organization (WHO) recommendations that doing at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise per week can improve fitness and reduce the risk of death,” said researcher Scott Lear, quoted by HuffPost. ,

Citing, most people assume that exercising and eating well are important parts of overall health. But an in-depth study published this week in the British Journal of Sports Medicine shows that going to the gym won’t reverse the consequences of a high-fat diet, and that kale can’t break a sedentary habit.

“Sensational headlines and misleading advertisements for exercise programs designed to lure consumers into ‘exercise to eat what they want’ have fueled the circulation of myths about ‘exercise instead’ than a poor diet,” the study authors wrote.

The researchers also measured activity levels using responses from other questionnaires that asked about the total number of minutes participants spent walking and doing moderate physical activity, such as carrying light weights or ride a bike at a steady pace, and expect vigorous physical activity for more than 10 minutes in the morning. day.

The researchers write that this is the first study to look at diet and exercise in addition to common mortality and certain deadly diseases, such as cancer.

Not surprisingly, people with higher physical activity levels and higher quality diets had the lowest risk of death. Overall levels of physical activity were associated with a lower risk of death, but those who regularly engaged in vigorous exercise – those that make you sweat – had a lower risk of dying from cardiovascular disease. And even just 10-75 minutes a week makes a difference.

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