This company is looking for an expert in candy tasting, ready to be paid Rp 1.1 billion

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – There are many skills needed in this world. One of the skills sought is a taster Candy. The salary is no joke. Candy Funhouse, a Canadian online candy store, is looking for a “Chief Candy Officer” to lead a team of product taste testers. He dared to pay people who want to take on this position an annual salary of 100,000 Canadian dollars or about 1.1 billion rupees by tasting more than 3,500 sweets while sitting on the sofa sounds like a good deal.

“Early last year, we were looking for Candyologists, original taste testers in our company which currently has three people. We are now looking for a Chief Candy Officer who will guide our Candyologists on the sweetest path!” Funhouse spokeswoman Vanessa Janakijevski-Rebelo told AFP, quoted Thursday August 4, 2022.

Responsibilities for these positions range from approving new products to organizing staff meetings or serving as chief taster, as well as other jobs the company calls “fun.”

This offer is open to anyone aged five and over living in North America. Key requirements include having a “taste for gold” and a “sweet tooth”, according to a job listing on the LinkedIn site.

Candy Funhouse said it received over 100,000 applicants in two weeks. On social networks, publications on job offer it has gone viral among adults and children. A Twitter user said his eight-year-old daughter created a LinkedIn profile to apply for the candy-tasting job.

“It’s official @candyfunhouseca she applied. Thank you for helping her learn about hard work and the importance of making a great resume, even though she’s only 8,” Matthew Crooks wrote on his account.

Once selected, the lucky new employees will undergo “extensive training to gain knowledge of flavors”. In addition to the base salary, the company offers benefits dental care extensive.

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