THIS Canadian city makes QR codes mandatory for visitors | Know why

The government of Îles-de-la-Madeleine has decided to make access to the QR code compulsory.

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A remote Canadian municipality has imposed mandatory measures QR Codess for people to come in and out. Yes! you heard correctly, the decision was made by a local government agency of Magdalen Islands island in the Gulf of Saint Lawrence. Lawrence. Before that, visitors to the archipelago from the province of Quebec also had to pay a $30 fee, according to reports. Residents of the Îles-de-la-Madeleine expressed their anger on social networks and some of them even described this measure as “the very first QR Code prison in Canada“However, it should be added that these codes only apply to tourists entering and leaving the island, contrary to what is claimed online.

Thanks to this, the Canadian commune of Îles-de-la-Madeleine would have become the first country in the world to make QR codes compulsory for visitors. Residents of the remote island will not have to go through the QR code registration protocol but will be required to present their driver’s license as proof. Notably, the municipality has 12,000 inhabitants and is the first in Canada to provide QR codes for the entry or exit of visitors.

The decision to impose a mandatory QR code was not well received by residents of the municipality, who launched an online campaign asking their fellow citizens to oppose it. Many of them didn’t like the change and the fact that these QR codes would “wipe the nation” if citizens didn’t take a stand. To address these concerns, according to a report by The Counter Signal, an official said the QR codes were necessary so that visitors could leave after paying the mandatory fee.

The report adds that the program was initially intended for residents as well. After opposing QR codes and refusing to respect them, the decision was limited to tourists only. Several videos of residents as well as a video of an unidentified gathering of people purportedly discussing the impact of QR codes have gone viral on social media.

Some X users even claimed that this decision only applied to tourists leaving the island. TimesNow does not verify the authenticity of the information and simply reports all of the events that followed the announcement of the implementation of QR codes in the Magdalen Islands.

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