These are the 6 countries with the most islands in the world, including Indonesia, JAKARTA – Indonesia is a country known for having the most islands in the world. However, Indonesia is not the only country to island the most in the world.

So which countries have the most islands in the world? Check out the full explanation below.

The country with the most islands in the world

The island is a valuable asset belonging to a country. Usually, the larger the area, the more islands you have. Here are 6 countries that have the most islands in the world.

1. Sweden

The first country to become the country with the most islands in the world is Sweden with 221,831 islands.

The Stockholm archipelago even has nearly 20,000 islands made up of small islands and rocks between regrund in the north and Landsort in the south.

Although Sweden has over 200,000 islands, only around 24,000 are open to the public. In fact, the inhabited island does not reach 1,000 islands.

The population of the inhabited island reaches 10,186,149 million people, which is 0.13% of the total world population.

2. Norway

The second position is Norway which has 239,067 islands. The most famous islands in Norway are the Lofoten Islands. The islands have even been certified as a sustainable destination island.

This certification is granted to tourist destinations or places that preserve the natural and cultural environment in order to reduce negative impacts and enhance the social value and economic vitality of the country.

3. Finland

The next country that is in the top 6 countries with the most islands in the world is Finland. This country has 178,947 islands spread across the country.

Similar to the other two countries, namely Sweden and Norway, the country of Finland also consists of a rocky island off the coast that stretches from the southwest to the Baltic Sea.


Canada is the fourth country with the most islands in the world. This country has 62,466 islands spread across the country. Canada is the second largest country in terms of area.

Canada also has islands scattered throughout the Pacific, Atlantic and Arctic oceans. In fact, there are 3 islands in Canada that are among the 10 largest islands in the world. The islands are Victoria Island, Ellesmere Island and Baffin Island.

All of the islands that fall into the category of larger islands are part of the Arctic Archipelago. Canada is a country located in the northern part of North America. This country has become one of the largest continental shields.

5. United States of America

The next country is the United States which has 18,617 islands. One of them is the Hawaiian Islands, a world famous tourist destination. Some of the islands in the United States are Puerto Rico, Northern Marianas, American Virgin Islands, American Samoa, etc.

6. Indonesia

The country with the second largest number of islands is Indonesia, which has 17,604 islands spread across various corners of the archipelago. Indonesia has many groups of islands.

The islands of Indonesia extend from Sabang to Merauke. The islands of Indonesia are divided into large islands and small islands. Some of them are even uninhabited by man.

These are the 6 countries with the most islands in the world that you need to know. Who would have thought that our country was included in the list above. It is a matter of pride as well as a reminder for us to continue to preserve and maintain the integrity of the islands of the archipelago.

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