The world must make sure Putin loses

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia

Prime Minister Canada Justin Trudeau swear that the world must do everything possible to assure the Russian president Vladimir Poutine lost the war in Ukraine.

In a joint press release with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky in the capital Kyiv, Trudeau urged the world to ensure that Putin could not budge following the launch of an invasion of Ukraine.
One of them, Trudeau said, was to subject Russia to harsh sanctions for years.

“What Putin needs to understand is that the West is absolutely determined and decided against what he’s doing,” Trudeau said on Sunday.

“His illegal war, his escalation, his outrageous act of choosing to invade Ukraine further means that we will do everything we can as a world to make sure he loses.”

Speaking on the sidelines of his impromptu visit to Ukraine, Trudeau also reiterated that Putin had made a serious mistake.

“He (Putin) committed atrocities against civilians and it was something he did because he thought he could win. But he will only lose,” Trudeau said. Reuters.

Trudeau also echoed the G7’s joint statement that “Putin’s actions humiliate Russia and the historic sacrifice of its people” during World War II.

Trudeau referred to Victory of the Soviet Union Day which fell on Monday (9/5) as a commemoration of (formerly Soviet) Russia’s victory over Nazi Germany in World War II.

Putin has been Russia’s supreme leader since 1999. In recent years, Putin has used his VE Day speeches to mock the West.

Ahead of Russia’s Victory Day celebrations this year, rumors swirled that Putin was preparing a special announcement on Ukraine, especially since Russia launched its invasion of the former Soviet country.

Putin reportedly intends to issue a declaration of war or national mobilization in his speech today, although this has been denied by Moscow.

Meanwhile, on the same day, European countries also commemorated the 77th anniversary of the surrender of Nazi Germany.


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