The Sun Never Sets in These Six Places

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – A day consists of 24 hours. In Indonesia, about 12 hours or half a day sunshine Sun and the remaining 12 hours without sun or night. However, there are places on Earth where the sun does not set for more than 70 days. This can make people who live there confused about the time of day and night.

Here are six places on Earth where the sun never sets, as reported by The Times of India, Friday, August 26, 2022.

1. Norway
Norway which is located in the Arctic Circle is also known as the Land of the Midnight Sun. From May to the end of July, the sun is always there even at night. In other words, for about 76 days, the sun never sets. In Svalbard, Norway, the sun shines continuously from April 10 to August 23; it is also the northernmost inhabited region in Europe.

2.Nunavut, Canada
Nunavut is located approximately two degrees above the Arctic Circle in Canada’s Northwest Territories. For two months, the sun is always there 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at this place. As for winter, for about 30 consecutive days the place was plunged into total darkness.

3. Iceland
Iceland It is the largest island in Europe after Great Britain and it is also known as a mosquito-free country. During the summer the nights are always clear in Iceland, while in June the sun never sets. To see the midnight sun, tourists can visit the town of Akureyri and the island of Grimsey in the Arctic Circle.

4. Barrow, Alaska
From late May to late July, the sun does not set in some places Alaska, The United States of America. But in November, for the next 30 days, the sun did not rise. This is called the polar night, which means that the country remains in darkness during the harsh winter months. Famous for its snow-capped mountains and magnificent glaciers, this place can be visited in both summer and winter.

5. Finland
Nicknamed the land of a thousand lakes and islands, most of Finland can only see the sun directly for 73 days during the summer. During this time, the sun continues to shine for about 73 days, while in winter, this region sees no sunlight. This is also one of the reasons why people here sleep less in the summer, and more in the winter. During their stay, tourists can enjoy the Northern Lights and have the chance to ski and experience the experience of staying in a glass igloo.

6. Sweden
From early May to late August, Sweden sees the sun set around midnight and rise around 4am. Here, periods of constant sunshine can last up to six months of the year. So, while here, tourists can spend long days doing adventurous activities, going golfing, fishing, exploring the hiking trails and much more.

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