The story of Rosidah, a TKW in Hong Kong who married a Canadian, is now a famous YouTuber

BANGKAPOS.COM — It’s a bit like the success story of a worker or TKW.

The woman’s name is Nikmatul Rosidah, who is from Blitar, East Java TKW in hong kong.

Years of working there, turns out he’s met a soul mate who’s a resident Canada.

Married to the man, she eventually focused on taking care of the household.

Nikmatul Rosidah also often creates daily content.

Who would have thought that thanks to the constant downloading of videos, it was now becoming YouTubers which has 1.76 million subscribers.

So success YouTubers, marry with Caucasians so they can build houses Canada.

A content creator for years, it turns out that income can make him build a house in Canada.

Nikmatul Rosidah’s husband is known to be a foreigner Canada who works as a teacher hong kong.

As reported by on his YouTube channel, Nikmatul Rosidah, he said he started creating video content on YouTube since 2013.

The woman often does daily vlogs, trips, cooking in the kitchen.

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Regularly upload videos about their daily life.

Some of the content he created even went viral and got him interviewed by foreign media, especially the widely read media in Indonesia. hong kongthe city where Nikmatul Rosidah worked as TKW.

He also shared his story in his Instagram post.

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