The story of John Herdman, the Englishman who helped Canada’s national team qualify for the 2022 World Cup

The cold hands of coach John Herdman brought a revival to Canadian football.

Canadian national team coach John Herdman. (PATRICK T. FALLON / AFP) – The Canadian national team is now a team to be reckoned with in the CONCACAF zone after qualifying for the 2022 World Cup. It turns out there was a British figure by the name of John Herdman who became a player in the renewal of Canadian football.

Canada have become one of the surprise teams in the Qatar 2022 World Cup Qualifiers. The Carnucks successfully topped the CONCACAF qualifying standings ahead of the United States and Mexico.

A score of 28 points in the group stage brings Canada closer to the 2022 World Cup final, and if successful, it will be their second time.

Having already participated in the 1986 World Cup in Mexico, the 2022 edition is not only a testimony for the players but also for the coach.

The material of players fairly evenly distributed, such as Alphonso Davies and Jonathan David, Canada is currently managed by a top coach from England, John Herdman.

A coach who is no stranger to Canada having presented two Olympic medals for the Canadian women’s team in 2012 and 2016.

Beginning her career with the New Zealand women’s team in 2006 after leaving her post at Sunderland Academy a year later, she appeared at the 2017 Women’s World Cup.

A year later, he also led Canada at the Beijing Olympics in 2008. Herdman’s stellar performances with the women’s team led him to be recruited as coach of the men’s team in 2018.

Canadian national team coach John Herdman. (PATRICK T. FALLON / AFP)

For Herdman, Canada is the country of hockey with the highest participation in football and the world does not yet know what it was like.

“Right now it’s real, we’re going to be the team that makes it (qualifying) or the team that fails (at the 2022 World Cup),” Herdman said. BBC Sports.

“All children play football (to participate in the World Cup). It’s the truth. Canada is a country of hockey. But football is the sport with the greatest participation.”

“All the kids play football. That’s the reality. This country has a very diverse demographic. We have a lot of immigrants, myself included, whose first love was football.”

“So far they haven’t had a national (football) team to fight for. The women’s team has had a lot of success. But the men’s team hasn’t crossed that threshold.”

“He’s a sleeping giant. He’s ready to put himself in the sporting consciousness of a true Canadian sports fan.”

Canada managed to secure a ticket to the 2022 World Cup final after winning 4-0 over Jmaaika in Game 9 of the CONCACAF qualifying zone.

In the Englishman’s hands, Canadian football has improved, as evidenced by his January 2021 FIFA rankings.

From the occupants of the 72nd rank, Canada now occupies the 40th position and this nickname is obtained in just one year.

Moreover, it is also proof after many underestimated Canada at the start to be able to qualify for the 2022 World Cup final.

“When people say ‘why didn’t Canada qualify?’ You can see the challenge of managing the competition in CONCACAF,” said John Herdman.

“Three games in seven days and a thousand kilometers of travel to complete these games.”

(Contributor: Eko Isdiyanto)

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