The Separatist Party of Quebec demands that Canada separate from the British Empire

The leader of the Bloc Québécois, Yves-François Blanchet, judged on Wednesday (26/10) loyalty to a foreign sovereign not only outdated, but costly.

“The recent changing of the guard in the UK is an opportunity for Quebecers and Canadians to break free from their crumbling monarchical relationship,” Blanchet said. Reuters.

Today, Canada is a member of the Commonwealth of countries of the former British Empire, which recognize a king or queen as head of state.

The transfer of power to King Charles III after the Queen’s death on September 8 caused much political upheaval within the Commonwealth of Nations.

The state of Quebec has become the loudest voice for expressing constitutional separation from Britain, as according to poll results, its residents feel they have no close affinity with the monarchy.

To sever ties with Britain, Canada would have to amend its constitution, with the support of at least seven provincial legislatures representing more than 50% of the population, plus parliament.

While many wish Canada would not be ruled by a foreign monarch, there has so far been little political will for such constitutional reform.

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