The perpetrator of the murder of a woman found on the Becakayu toll road has been arrested, this is the motive

The perpetrator of the murder of the woman found on the Becakayu toll road is a friend of the victim

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA – Polda Metro Jaya team arrested a man with initials R (36), the perpetrator of the murder of a woman whose body was found under Becakayu Toll Road, Pondok Gede, Bekasi.

It is suspected that assailant R committed the murder because he was injured by the victim. This emerges from the results of the intermediary interrogation of the author R.

“Based on the results of the examination of the suspect, the person concerned (admits) to have killed the victim with a motive for wounding,” Metro Jaya Police Director of Criminal Investigations Kombes Hengki Haryadi told AFP. media team, Wednesday (19/10/2022).

Police arrested the perpetrator with initials R in Green Pramuka Apartment area on Tuesday (10/18/2022).

According to the results of the examination, the suspect is a friend of the victim. The victim died after being slapped and strangled. After knowing that the victim was dead, the suspect then dumped the victim’s body at Jalan Kalimalang, Pondok Gede, Bekasi.

Hengki continued, based on the surveillance camera or CCTV footage, the assailant took the victim who was already lifeless in a white car.

Then the victim’s body with the initials AYR which was wrapped in plastic was then thrown under the Becakayu toll road.

Earlier, Bekasi Metro Police Public Relations Chief Kompol Erna Ruswing said the woman’s body was found on Monday (10/17/2022) overnight. He said the unidentified body was taken to the police hospital for identification.

“I don’t know (identity), because he’s still in the plastic, we sent him straight to the police hospital,” Hengki said.

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