The meaning of the red, blue and black passport and a list of countries that use it


Passport is one of the mandatory documents when someone wants to travel abroad. Apparently the color of passport covers varies by country, there are red, blue, green and black passports.

So what does each of these colors mean?

The difference in color on the passport in the countries of the world is, of course, not without reason. Each color chosen has its own meaning representing each country.

Generally, passports are used in 4 colors, namely red, blue, green and black. A passport color variant itself can consist of different color gradations.

In fact, there are no specific rules regarding color selection in passports. However, the color of passports in several countries is chosen based on various factors, starting with the geographical conditions of a country, the background of the majority religion, as well as the political conditions of each country.

However, the color of this cover cannot be used as the only parameter to measure the strength of each country’s passport.

For example, US and Syrian passports are both blue. Although the color is the same, the Syrian passport is not as strong as the US passport as it can only be used to enter 32 countries without a visa, while the US passport allows use in 185 countries.

The meaning of each passport color in the world is:

Meaning of the red passport

Passports with a red or burgundy cover are generally used by European Union (EU) countries. Many countries that have a history of communism have chosen red as their passport cover.

The list of countries that use red passports is as follows:

– European Union (EU) countries
– Turkey
– Bolivian
– Ecuador
– Peruvian

Meaning of the blue passport

Blue passports are widely used by countries belonging to the “New World” category. The choice of blue color on the cover of this passport also varies in each country, some use dark blue, while others tend to have bright colors like sky blue.

The countries that use blue cover passports are:

– The United States of America
– Central and South America
-Hong Kong
– Several African countries

Meaning of the green passport

The choice of the color green in the passports of a number of countries in the world is linked to the origin of the majority religion in this region. The green cover of this passport is widely used by Islamic countries.

Countries that use green cover passports are:

– Saudi Arabia
– Morocco
– Pakistani
– Indonesia

Meaning of the black passport

Black cover passports are generally used for diplomatic passports. Black passport holders can enter any country without using a visa.

A number of countries also use black covers in general, several countries that use black passports, namely:

– Africa
– Zambia
– Angola

So, that was an explanation of the meaning of the colors of each passport in various countries around the world. Can be useful!

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