The manager was shocked when his cafe became a meeting place for the Canadian-British Prime Minister


Canadian Prime Minister (PM) Justin Trudeau hang out with British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak in a cafe in Bali while enjoying a local Indonesian beer. The cafe manager said it was a special moment.

“So two days ago was a very special day for us at Bumbu Bali Art Cafe. We invited the Prime Minister for dinner. It was something very special for us here,” said Putu Fabian von , owner of Bumbu Bali Art Cafe. Launched Holzen detikBaliWednesday (16/11/2022).

Fabian explained that at the beginning of his coffee there would be the arrival of the Canadian and British PMs. Initially, he was invited by the British Embassy (Embassy) in Jakarta about a week ago before the arrival of the two prime ministers.

During the meeting, the embassy said that there would be VIP guests arriving at Bumbu Bali Art Cafe. However, at that time, the embassy did not specify who would be present.

In the end, Fabian was surprised. Because, it turns out that those present were Rishi Sunak and Justin Trudeau.

“There (at the embassy) they (said) VIPs would come, but they didn’t. say who. It is not yet known that the United Kingdom and Canada will come for a dinner at a table. No way. But then the Prime Minister came. Crazy beauty,” Fabian said.

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