The majority of Canadians consider the monarchy to be outdated

In Canada in particular, many citizens did not want a foreign monarch representing their country, despite its deep historical ties to England.

Currently, Canada is a member of the Commonwealth of Nations of the former British Empire. They made the King/Queen of England their head of state.

Canada’s ties to the British Empire are very close, as evidenced by dozens of city names that resemble the British Empire, such as the cities of London and Windsor.

However, according to a poll released by the Angus Reid Institute in April 2020, it was shown that 51 percent of Canadians did not want the monarchy to continue.

Only 26 percent of those surveyed wanted Canada to continue to have the Queen as head of state. Meanwhile, another 24 percent said they weren’t sure.

Additionally, in a recent poll released by Leger on Tuesday (9/13), approximately 77 percent of Canadians said they did not feel connected to the British monarchy.

As loaded Reutersresidents of the largely French-speaking province of Quebec, felt a lack of kinship with the English.

This is also supported by an Angus Reid poll which shows that 71 percent of Quebecers no longer see the need for a monarchy. Furthermore, a Léger survey reveals that 87% of them do not feel linked to the royal family either.

A fifth of the Canadian population are recent immigrants with few ties to Britain, and indigenous people tend to be less fond of colonial rule, as evidenced by their activism during the destruction of a statue of the Queen in Manitoba in 2021.

Despite this, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has not responded to anything that indicates the government’s tendency to change the political system.

Trudeau only said that the democratic system in Canada will always be healthy and that changing the system is not a priority, as his country is now busy with more important issues related to climate and the economy.

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