The holidays are not over? Always pay attention to the following safety tips

TEMPO.CO, JakartaHolidays the end of the year has passed for many people while some are still enjoying it. Some prefer to travel within the country and others still have fun abroad. But with today’s unpredictable weather, it’s normal to get sick during the holiday season.

To avoid the illnesses that usually come, signaled by CTV News, there are some tips that can be used as guidelines during New Year holidays like this, to keep the body fit and healthy. Here are a few.

keep well
Melissa Lem, a family doctor who lives in Vancouver, Canada, said one thing to take care of this holiday season is self. Many people are busy setting up the house and preparing traveling but forget about staying healthy, like getting enough sleep, paying attention to food, and continuing to exercise.

Prepare the necessary medications
If you are traveling, you should bring necessary medications, such as antihistamines if you have certain allergies, cold and fever medications. Hand sanitizers and wet wipes should also be brought along if on vacation it is not possible to achieve adequate sanitation.

Wash your hands frequently
Get into the habit of washing your hands thoroughly, before and after eating, even after touching the seat handles of planes, boats, buses or cars. It is important to keep your hands clean because bacteria, viruses and germs usually enter the body and become sick just by touching your hands. If you think it is not possible to wash your hands, provide hand sanitizer.

Use travel insurance
If you are traveling abroad, be sure to use travel insurance in anticipation disease who can strike on the move and in unfamiliar places. Be sure to choose the right travel insurance, prepare the data and address of the embassy where you are traveling, in order to avoid financial problems that may arise if you are not prepared with the worst possible health conditions for you and your family.

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