The game’s rides suddenly crash, making visitors stuck in the air, netizens: legs get weak! : Okezone trip

A recent rides in Canada’s Wonderland have visitors trapped in the air. The viral video shows that the ride suddenly stopped while it was running.

TikTok clip, re-uploaded by account @LADbible, describes the horrific events that took place on a Canadian playground. The account manager called this event a “nightmare”.

The incident actually happened in 2020 but went viral again after being uploaded to social media. The recorder is one of the male passengers who was trapped in the vehicle.

“So we were on the windseeker in Canada’s Wonderland. And the game is blocked,” the man said.

“I was blocked for 30 minutes,” he added.

In less than a minute, the video shows dozens of visitors suspended in the air. Most of them seemed to sit quietly, while the visiting children wept.

The viral clip has been viewed over 1.7 million times on TikTok. The original post was uploaded by @100.amar account in 2020 and got 7 million views.

“It’s a real test of courage” said the @Polar Bear account.

“Legs get weak even if I just watch :)” @hoammm123 comment.

“That’s why I don’t do such rides,” wrote @Brandon.

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