The Formula 1 star’s final tribute to Ken Block – The news of the death of rally star Ken Block has had quite a big impact on the world of Formula 1. Drivers have flocked to express their condolences.

As is known, the California rally died as a result of an accident. The winner of 16 U.S. Rally Championship victories has died after being run over by the snowmobile he was riding.

This news caught the attention of several Formula 1 drivers. Some of them said they were shocked by the incident that happened to Ken Block.

“I’m fasting on social media so I can focus on restoring my (mental) health. Today I received the news that I lost a valued friend. I was shocked to hear that Ken Block has passed away. He is an amazing person, still living life to the fullest,” Lewis Hamilton wrote via his Instagram Story, @lewishamilton.

“I remember the first time I worked together and how positive he was. He has immense talent behind the wheel. Last year we spent time together snowboarding and skiing in Canada. We respect each other. He will always be remembered and I wish the best to his family. He went too fast. Rest in peace, Ken Block,” he added.

The same was also expressed by Carlos Sainz. Via his Twitter, @Carlossainz55, the Scuderia Ferrari driver also expressed his condolences for the passing of Ken Block.

“Rest in peace Ken Block. The true legend of (racing) sport. I join in mourning with his family and friends,” he wrote.

Not only Hamilton and Sainz, Ocon also expressed his grief. As a farewell, the French runner thanked Ken Block for his contribution to the racing world so far.

“We have lost one of the legends of the racing world. Thank you Ken Block for sharing your passion for racing through the roads you have traveled,” wrote the Alpine F1 driver.

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