The fate of artists leaving Indonesia, their families will move to Canada for the sake of their children

TRIBUNJATIM.COM – The artist couple is ready to leave Indonesia, who have already made a name for themselves in the Indonesian entertainment world.

They have now chosen to settle in Canada and leave Indonesia for the sake of their children.

Their children first chose abroad to continue their studies.

So who is the artist couple in question?

They are the couple Tengku Firmansyah and Cindy Fatikasari.

They decided to move to Canada and leave Indonesia.

This was done by Tengku Firmansyah and Cindy Fatikasari for the sake of their twin sons, Tengku Keanu Zimraan and Tengku Omar Athallah.

One of their children, who was studying in Malaysia, is now taking leave and will continue his studies in Canada.

“Keanu was previously at Monash University Malaysia,” said Cindy Fatikasari, as reported in a broadcast on the official TRANS TV YouTube channel, Monday (03/11/2024).

“Finally, I took leave, I will continue it there, in Canada,” he added.

This senior artist tries to listen to the wishes of his children who want to study, work and live abroad.

Tengku Firmansyah and Cindy Fatikasari began searching for information about education abroad.

“Actually, the concept is that he wants to study, work and live outside, my son Keanu,” said Tengku Firmansyah.

“The two of us, how do we find the road? The university road or which road? But it turns out that we emigrated together, as a family,” he added.

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