The Canadian Ambassador wears a wedding headdress during a visit to a group of women at the Samar factory

REDELONG – Fund Coordinator Canada for Indonesia and Timor-Leste from the Embassy (Embassy) Canada in Indonesia, Jessica Chang, visited Samar FactoryShia Utama District, Bener Meriah on Monday (01/09/2023).

Ambassador Canada was accompanied by the director of the Katahati Institute, Raihal Fajri and the head of the Aceh Forestry and Environment Department (KLHK), A Hanan, and Forkopimda Bener Meriah.

Arriving at Samar FactoryJessica Chang was welcomed by fortune tellers, traditional chiefs and community leaders, wearing them Boulang Pengkah as guest of honor.

The guel dance also enlivened the welcoming ceremony.

As for the arrival of the ambassador Canada This is for group review women which processes non-timber forest products (HHBK) located in Shia Utama district.

Band women He has been encouraged by the Katahati Institute since 2020.

In Samar FactoryJessica Chang is stylish with a hijab.

“It was done with the intention of adapting to local wisdom, especially in Aceh,” Raihal Fajri, executive director of the Katahati Institute, said Monday (01/09/2023).

The day before Samar FactoryJessica Chang visited the Bener Meriah Regent Hall, Sunday (8/1/2023) evening.

Ambassador Canada was welcomed by the Acting Regent Doctors Haili Yoga MSi and his team.

At a banquet at Pendopo, Jessica Chang praised the coaching program women conducted by the Katahati Institute in Samar Factory.

The women there received the necessary skills to process janeng chips and palm sugar.

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This product was also featured in the G-20 activities in Bali some time ago.

The Regent of Bener Meriah, Drs Haili Yoga expressed his gratitude for the arrival of the Embassy representatives Canada and the Katahati Institute in Bener Meriah.

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