The American carrier ready to carry out an international strike against Russia


The US aircraft carrier USS HW Bush is ready to carry out an international strike against Russia if Moscow’s war in Ukraine spills over to NATO countries. Photo/

kyiv Aircraft carrier The United States of America (USA), USS George HW Bush, stands ready to lead an international strike against Russia if Moscow’s war in Ukraine extends to NATO allies.

The USS George HW Bush (CVN 77), which was delivered to US Navy service in 2009, is already in the Adriatic Sea. He leads the Neptune Strike 2022 war game, a North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) deployment that tests deterrence and defense in the Euro-Atlantic region.

Allied and partner nations participating in the exercise include Albania; Canada; Croatia; Finland; France; German; Greece; Hungary; Italy; Lithuania; North Macedonia; Poland; Romania; Slovakia; Slovenia; Sweden; Turkey; English; and the United States.

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“The Neptune series is a true demonstration of the strength and capability of the NATO alliance in all areas of operations,” said Vice Admiral Thomas Ishee, Commander U.S. 6th Fleet and Commander NATO naval attack and support forces, in a statement.

“Neptune Strike 22.2 is an excellent example of NATO’s ability to integrate the high-end maritime warfare capabilities of Allied carrier strike groups, ensuring our collective ability to repel and defend,” it said. he declares.

The deployment includes more than 80 aircraft, 14 ships and around 6,000 personnel from 24 NATO allies and partners, including Finland and Sweden.

As part of the exercises, US Navy F-18 fighter jets have flown from the carrier to Lithuania in recent days, working alongside France, Latvia and Hungary.

Previously, the same fighter aircraft would have joined Canadian fighter jets to patrol Romania.

U.S. Naval Forces Europe-Africa spokeswoman Captain Tamara Lawrence confirmed Newsweek Wednesday (10/26/2022) that the carrier participated in Neptune Strike.

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