The 2022 World Cup 27-team life and death match starts tonight, check out the reviews!

Bisnis.comJAKARTA – Match World Cup 2022 in the preliminary round to the second round still leaves uncertainty. There are 27 teams without a ticket to the Round of 16 out of a total of 32 teams battling in the knockout stage. The game of life and death is determined in the third round starting tonight.

As of Tuesday (29/11/2022) evening, only five teams have received certainty that they will continue to compete or leave the 2022 World Cup. The three teams that will permanently move to eighth finals are France, Brazil and Portugal. As for the two teams, Canada and the host, Qatar, had to leave the field.

France ensured they qualified for the Group D knockout stage with the acquisition of 6 points. The Blues, in the last two matches were able to score absolute points, beating Australia (4-1) and beating Denmark (2-1).

Meanwhile, Brazil have confirmed their ticket to the Round of 16 after beating Switzerland 1-0 on Monday night (28/11/2022). Samba team picked up 6 points in Group G after beating Croatia 2-0.

Meanwhile, Cristiano Ronaldo et al helped Portugal through to the group stage after beating Uruguay 2-0. Portugal had previously recorded a victory by beating Ghana 3-2. With the results of these two matches, Portugal are in the lead ranking group H with a record 6 points.

Hosts Qatar made sure they were spectators at home, having suffered in two Group A games. Qatar were humiliated by Ecuador (0-2) in the opening match . As well as the dismal record of organizing the World Cup, losing in the first game. In the second match, Qatar was tackled by Senegal 1-3.

Qatar is accompanied by the Canadian national team. The Reds were forced to leave, having failed to score points in two knockout ties.

Canada had previously beaten Belgium with a score of 1-0. In this group F, the Reds are at the bottom of the abyss and are preparing to pack their bags to leave Qatar.

Here is an overview of the teams in Groups A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H as well as the results and standings of the matches at the 2022 World Cup:

1. Group A

The Netherlands are at the top of the Group A standings. However, the position of the Netherlands is uncertain, as they have the same points as Ecuador with 4 points. However, Senegal still has the chance to qualify for the knockout stage with a value of 3 points.

In the third round match, the Netherlands became “jumawa” because in this match they met Qatar, a country that passed without selection because they got a ticket as hosts.

Senegal’s fight against Ecuador on November 29, 2022 at 10:00 p.m. WIB will be exciting as they still have a great chance of advancing to the knockout stages.

2. Group B

In this group, all national teams still have the possibility of qualifying for the round of 16. Wales, who are bottom of the standings with 1 point, still have a chance to qualify if they win against England, who top the standings with 4 points. face in case of victory by Wales will bring a ticket for the round of 16.

Meanwhile, a fierce battle will take place between Iran and America, which ranks second and third. Iran scored 3 points, while America got 2 points after drawing two matches against Wales and England.

3. Group C

Similar to Group B, the national team in Group C is still open to qualifying for the group stage. Mexico, which is at the bottom of the abyss with the acquisition of 1 point, has the opportunity to qualify if it manages to beat Saudi Arabia, which has 3 points.

Likewise, Argentina, who have 3 points, can qualify if they can beat Poland, who lead the standings with 4 points.

4. Group D

As for Group D, there is only one ticket for the last 16 as one ticket was held by France. Australia, who sit in second place with 3 points, still have the potential to go home if they are beaten by Denmark, who have just 1 point.

Even though they are at the bottom of the cliff with 1 point, Tunisia can qualify for the next round if they can beat France. However, with a record, Australia lost to Denmark with one more goal difference.

5. Group E

In Group E, the German soccer giants have a chance to qualify if they can beat Costa Rica in the last round of the group stage even though they have just 1 point. On the other hand, Costa Rica can qualify for the last 16 if they are able to pull off a win with the current 3 points.

Even with Spain and Japan you have to win in the last game if you want to qualify for the next round. Spain collected 4 points, while Japan 3 points.

6. Group F

Meanwhile, in Group F, Morocco – who picked up 4 points – have a greater chance of qualifying for the next round as they will meet Canada, a team that has given up hope of qualifying for the Round of 16. final. However, Morocco must win to maintain their chances of qualification. A draw or loss always opens opportunities for Morocco to qualify as long as Croatia win over Belgium.

Meanwhile, the superstar Belgian national team must win against Croatia to qualify for the last 16. The difference between Croatia and Belgium is only one point, namely 4 and 3.

7. Group G

Group G leaves one ticket to qualify for the round of 16. The reason is that a ticket was pocketed by Brazil on Monday (28/11/2022) evening.

A ticket is “only” contested by Switzerland and Cameroon. Serbia, which is at the bottom of the abyss in the standings with 1 point, has hardly had many chances. Except for winning by a lot of goals in the last game with Brazil.

Even then, Switzerland and Cameroon’s record ended in a draw. However, these two teams have to play hard to earn a ticket to the Round of 16.

8. Group H

Ditto with group G, there is only one ticket for the top 16 of group H. A ticket was pocketed by Portugal in the gain of Tuesday morning. Ghana have the chance to get a ticket to the next round if they can beat Uruguay. On the contrary, if you win against Ghana, Suarez et al can advance to the next round.

South Korea’s chances are tough enough to qualify as they need to win against Portugal. However, with a note that Ghana lost to Uruguay. Even then, South Korea had more goal difference than Uruguay.

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