The 10 worst hurricanes in all of the United States, causing massive damage!

Monday, October 3, 2022 – 9:14 a.m. WIB

VIVAWorld – What do you get when you mix warm seawater and air brought in by a storm with a slight spin? Storm!

Each year, from June to November, these warm weather events are triggered by tropical humidity, which begins with a low pressure system known as the tropical wave. Thus, it gained strength due to the development of thunderstorms and humid air. As for the nature of the cyclone, hot air rises in the low pressure rotary draft system, and boom, a hurricane is born.

However, not all storms are created equal. Some begin to form as scattered thunderstorms known as investments, while more organized systems with minimal rotation are called tropical storms. When a hurricane begins to grow in size and develop, the Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Wind Scale assigns categories based on the intensity of the sustained wind.

The United States is no stranger to hurricanes, and each year several major hurricanes are estimated to cause significant damage. Here is a list of the worst hurricanes in US history, based on wind, total damage, and loss of life.

1. Galveston Hurricane of 1900

On the scale of the deadliest hurricane in the United States, Hurricane Galveston of 1900 took over and was the second deadliest hurricane in United States history, next to Hurricane Mitch for human deaths. An estimated 8,000 people died, largely caused by storm surges exceeding 12 feet along the coastline.

Of a population of 38,000, 10,000 were homeless. But the 1900 hurricane did not affect human life; it also impacted Galveston’s economy. When many investors pulled out of development projects in favor of Houston. Have you ever wondered what killed Galveston’s Golden Age? It was the hurricane of 1900.

Subsequently, as a direct result, three engineers devised a plan to alter the Gulf of Mexico coastline around Galveston Island by raising it 17 feet in 10 miles to prevent another catastrophic flood.

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