Tens of Thousands of Suddenly Dead Salmon in Canada


Canadians have been horrified by the death of thousands of salmon and their carcasses filling a small river in the Heiltsuk region of British Columbia, Canada.

Reported detikInet, the mass death was due to a rather severe drought in the region. “It’s very sad to see this happen. We’ve seen salmon deaths before, but never so many,” said local conservation officer William Housty.

Wild salmon have a habit of waiting for rain to initiate a trip down the river to spawn later. As the water level in the river increases, it will be easier for the salmon to move around.

Housty said some time ago that it had rained in the area for the past month and triggered high waves. However, no more rain fell after that, causing the river to dry up.

“There’s only been one rain in over a month. The salmon don’t have enough time to adapt to this drought,” Housty said, as quoted by the Guardian.

A biologist estimates the number of dead salmon in the area to be around 65,000 tails. It creates anxiety. In addition, the number of wild salmon is showing signs of decline due to pollution problems, overfishing and also the phenomenon of climate change.

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