Telkomsat uses Elon Musk’s Starlink for LATMA Garuda Shield-16 2022 in East Kalimantan, Jakarta – Proprietary Satellite Internet Service Elon MuskStarlink, is known to have been used by Telkomsat in joint exercise (LATMA) Garuda Shield-16 in 2022.

Starlink services are also considered capable and satisfactory in serving internet connections in the region empty spaceas the location of LATMA at Amborawang, Samboja District, Kutai Kartanagera Regency, East Kalimantan.

From July 15 to August 31, 2022, service Satellite Starlink was used to meet telecommunications needs and support the smooth operation and success of LATMA.

The 14 countries involved in this activity are Indonesia, United States of America, Australia, Malaysia, Japan, Singapore, France, United Kingdom, Papua New Guinea, Timor Leste , India, Canada, New Zealand and South Korea.

Telecomsat said, Starlink services are trustworthy as they are considered to have many advantages. One of them is the processing speed delivery installation with a light and portable device.

This service is also considered to have a service speed broadband which is equivalent to optical fiber and is capable of supporting telecommunication services up to 5G.

“Before there was Stellar Linkwe only get one signal bar, sometimes it disappears completely,” Danton Opforce, Lt. Czi Mashabi, said in a written statement on the Telkomsat website, cited Friday (8/12/2022).

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