Team TNI AD Pati defeats Raffi Cs in a fun football game


Army Chief of Staff General Dudung Abdurachman beat the celebrity team in a football match at Mabesad synthetic field yesterday. Photo: MPI/Kiswondari

JAKARTA – Team Pati TNI AD driven by KSAD TNI General Dudung Abdurachman managed to beat the celebrity team in the game Soccer . The celebrity team consisted of Raffi Ahmad, Rico Ceper, Said Bajuri, Iko Uwais, Denny Cagur and others with the score 6-4.

The Fun Game Football, held at Mabesad synthetic field on Wednesday, December 21, 2022, was an event aimed at increasing friendship between the Indonesian military and the components of the nation. Then, in commemoration of the 77th day of combat of the Indonesian army which falls on December 15, 2022. Read also: General Dudung holds the Santri League Football Championship KSAD Trophy

“This event is not just a game or just winning and losing, but more of an effort to increase intimacy between the Indonesian military and other components of the nation,” Dudung said in his post-game remarks.

Dudumg revealed that before facing Team Celebrity, Team TNI AD Pati also held a match against Team PSSI Old Stars on November 23, 2022 at the same venue, and in the future it will be held regularly. with other components of the nation.

“It is obvious that the Indonesian army is present in all groups and in the hearts of the Indonesian people,” he said.

Meanwhile, Rico Ceper representing the celebrities expressed his gratitude for winning this competition. He also hopes that this gathering event will continue to be held, in addition to maintaining privacy, it will also become a place to maintain health. Read also: KSAD Dudung Abdurachman Jenguk Tukul Arwana

At the end of the activity, as a gesture of appreciation and gratitude to the celebrities who have built the nation through the art world, Kasad presented the signs received by Raffi Ahmad and jackets to the celebrities represented by Rico Ceper.


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