Tatiana Maslany admits she freaked out when She-Hulk came out at Comic Con


Tatiana Maslany’s name is currently under discussion following the official release of She-Hulk: Attorney at Law on Disney+. Some outlets also wrote a review if the Canadian actress was really suited to play the character of Jennifer Walters or She-Hulk.

In an interview with detikcom recently, he also revealed that he felt nervous and panicked. It didn’t happen when he was cast as the show’s main character, but when he appeared in front of thousands of Marvel fans and was first introduced.

“Yeah, I thought I was totally unconscious. I felt like I was shaking before I walked out, but I remember something like the feeling of nervousness we often get, impatient, scared but curious,” he said. he recalled at Comic Con 2022.

“But luckily the fans are so warm and they know everything about the universe (Marvel), even more than me,” he added.

Tatiana also shared how the script directed by Jessica Gao really helped her in the scene. Because almost the dialogues and dynamics presented there are what often happens in the real world, so they are very close to his life.

“Yeah that made it easier, when Mark (Ruffalo) came on set, we were both like brothers. You know the scene where we harass each other but also we love each other. It becomes a very easy dynamic to introduce on camera, because it’s so real and I think there are a lot of characters on the show who have that.”

Besides the storyline and the big Marvel name, there’s a particular reason that Tatiana Maslany is drawn to the role. He admitted there was an interesting character conflict where his youth and after becoming She-Hulk.

According to him, there was a strong desire for Jennifer Walters who enjoyed a career that had been built over her lifetime until she could eventually become one of the successful lawyers until the accident happens and changes his life and his outlook on life.

“And honestly, when I read the pilot, I really wanted to audition for it because it’s so funny and so realistic, you know, in a way, I’ve always dreamed of watching a super- hero who has that element.”

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