Taking care of the outermost layer of the skin can prevent acne

Jakarta (ANTARA) – The outermost layer of skin or skin barrier Damaged skin can make the skin more dry, sensitive and prone to acne problems.

The skin is made up of several layers which have their respective functions and benefits. skin barrier has an important role in maintaining skin health and protecting the skin against bacteria.

Damage to this outermost layer of skin can be caused by many factors, such as outdoor activities and excessive sun exposure, lack of skin hydration, and use of skincare products. improper and inconsistent skin care.

Therefore, regularly cleaning the facial skin with skincare products can help maintain health. skin barrier and ensures that healthy skin remains healthy, luminous and acne-free.

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Canadian beauty brand Skintific offers products capable of maintaining the health of the outermost layer of the skin thanks to patented TTE (Triangle Trilogy Effect) technology. The product line contains the right ingredients to maintain healthy skin so that it is free from acne.

“We will continue our commitment to presenting superior products capable of keeping users’ skin healthy by using safe TTE technology and providing solutions for skin problems,” said Billy as Director of Skintific in its official broadcast on Thursday.

Taking care of the outermost layer of the skin in the right way and with the right products can prevent skin problems such as dryness, sensitivity and acne.

Here are Skintific’s product recommendations that have various benefits, including maintaining and repairing the outermost layer of the skin.


It is a natural healing ingredient that can help cleanse toxins, stimulate skin renewal, and brighten dull skin. In this way, beauty products that contain this content are able to overcome acne and repair the outermost layer of the skin naturally.


Products containing niacinamide are indeed loved by many people. In addition to being able to deeply lighten the skin, this content can also help strengthen the outermost layer of the skin.

Crystal rolling massager

Wrinkles or fine lines under the eyes are often a problem for the health and appearance of the face. Generally, this problem arises due to various factors including age. However, to prevent it, you can use the right product.

With 360 Crystal Massager Lifting Eye Cream which contains peptide complex and niacinamide, it is effective in preventing and reducing fine lines, wrinkles and brightening under eye area. The Lift-Tech™ 360° Crystal Roll Massager technology present in this eye cream is also effective in helping the absorption of active ingredients into the skin.

Solar cream

In addition to being useful for maintaining skin aesthetics, such as preventing premature aging and avoiding sunburn, the use of sunscreen can also be used as a preventative measure to prevent skin cancer.

Skintitic’s newest product is SPF50 PA++++ Ultra Light Sun Serum which contains SPF 50 PA+++ and a lightweight formula, absorbs quickly and leaves no white spots.

In addition, Skintific has also just launched the Sun Mist All Day Light SPF50 PA++++, practical to take everywhere.

All Skintific skincare products can be found in the excitement of Shopee 9.9.

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