“Super Garuda Shield 2022”, an event to strengthen Indo-Pacific cooperation

The exercise, which is a development of a bilateral exercise between the Indonesian Army (TNI AD) and the United States Army (US Army), is one of the largest joint multinational exercises in the Indo-Pacific.

More than 4,000 joint soldiers from 14 countries, including first-time participants such as Australia, Singapore and the Japan Self-Defense Force, are supporting the exercise. There were also participants from Canada, France, India, Malaysia, New Zealand, South Korea, Papua New Guinea, Timor Leste and the United Kingdom.

TNI Commander Gen. Andhika (left) with Gen. Flynn of U.S. Army Pacific Command check the readiness of troops participating in the 2022 Super Garuda Shield. (VOA/Indra Yoga)

Speaking to reporters after the opening of the event, Flynn said the joint inter-military exercise not only strengthens relations between the countries involved, but also maintains regional stability.

“When we are together, we will grow stronger, become a multinational force. Garuda Shield is an important manifestation of cooperation, interoperability and the spirit of unity of a group of countries who have the desire to create a free and open Indo-Pacific region and maintaining order based on the rules,” Flynn said.

Exercise No to send signals to China

Andika Perkasa denied that this joint exercise was conducted to anticipate China’s power in the South China Sea.

“As General Flynn said earlier, it is one of the interests of the countries in the region around us to train together. Because in fact in other countries (the joint military exercises. red) are more frequent. We don’t do it very often, and that’s the momentum we want to give, and there’s absolutely no message for anyone.”

TNI Commander General Andhika (left) and General Flynn of US Army Pacific Command hope the 2022 Super Garuda Shield will be an event to enhance cooperation between participating countries.  (VOA/Indra-Yoga)

TNI Commander General Andhika (left) and General Flynn of US Army Pacific Command hope the 2022 Super Garuda Shield will be an event to enhance cooperation between participating countries. (VOA/Indra-Yoga)

Earlier, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Mark Milley, who, en route to Australia, stopped at the TNI headquarters in Cilangkap on July 24, said that “the Chinese military at sea and in the air has become much more aggressive in the region”. He instructed his staff to gather details on China’s interactions with America and other countries in the region.

Improving the professionalism of the defense forces

Questioned separately, the former governor of Lemhanas, Lt. Gen. TNI (Retired) Agus Widjojo expressed his belief that this exercise was only aimed at increasing the defense power of the countries concerned and not at giving certain signals to others. country, or to build what he called a “defense alliance”.

“This exercise aims to improve the professionalism of each defense force so that they can understand each other. We believe that each country will conduct its foreign policy with any party according to their respective national interests, which cannot be dictated or regulated. Indonesia has a free and active foreign policy that prevents us from being involved in defense alliances, although historically we have been surrounded by various alliances. But each country has the right to bring out its character in order to achieve its own national goals. This joint exercise therefore has only one objective, which is to increase the professionalism of the defense forces of each country,” Agus said.

Each country participating in the joint exercise “Super Garuda Shield 2022” will undergo a series of exercise scenarios, such as field exercises, amphibious operations and raids, air operations and airfield capture exercises , military operations exercises in urban terrain and possible command post exercises. train the ability of troops to plan, command and communicate with each other in a simulation. Various advanced weapons and warfare vehicles and support equipment were also displayed during this year’s joint exercise, such as warships, combat aircraft and personnel carriers, attack helicopters, missile launchers and the like.

The joint exercise, which will last two weeks, will take place in several locations, including Baturaja in South Sumatra, Dabo Singkep in the Riau Archipelago and Amborawang in East Kalimantan. [iy/au/em]

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