Stabbing horror in Canadian province, 10 dead and 15 injured

OTTAWA,– Canadian police are looking for two suspects who allegedly killed 10 people and injured at least 15 in a stabbing attack in the province of Saskatchewan.

Canadian police said the two suspects were named Damien Sanderson and Myles Sanderson respectively.

reported from ReutersOn Sunday (09/04/2022), the two suspects fled in a black Nissan Rogue.

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The knife attack was reported Saturday morning (9/3/2022) local time until police issued dangerous person warnings across the province.

On Saturday afternoon, similar warnings were issued in the neighboring provinces of Alberta and Manitoba in Saskatchewan.

Saskatchewan Royal Canadian Mounted Police Commander Rhonda Blackmore said authorities do not know if they have changed vehicles.

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“Their location and direction of travel is unknown. What happened in our province today is horrific,” Blackmore said.

Blackmore said police were still in the early stages of their investigation and were trying to determine the connection between the two suspects and whether they were known to police.

The attacks took place in several locations, including the James Smith Cree Nation and Weldon in Saskatchewan, and 13 crime scenes are under investigation by police.

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said the police. some of the victims appeared to have been targeted by the suspects, while others were randomly attacked.

At a press conference, police told reporters there could be other injuries from the knife incident.

A spokesperson for the Saskatchewan Health Authority said in a statement that the department has requested additional staff to help respond to the situation.

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