Sri Mulyani’s Response to US, UK and Canada’s Withdrawal from G20 Forum

The exit took place while the Russian delegation was speaking at the G20 forum.

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA — Minister of Finance Sri Mulyani talk about action To go for a walk or boycotts by Western countries on the presence of the Russian delegation. Depending on action To go for a walk Western countries on the presence of Russia is not surprising because it had been anticipated in advance.

United States (US), United Kingdom and Canada take action To go for a walk during the session of the Russian delegation as a speaker. The Russian delegation present at the meeting G20 on April 20 was Russian Finance Minister Anton Siluanov. US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen has previously said she would miss several G20 sessions in Washington if Russia attends.

“In this respect, it is not surprising for all of us, in particular for us as presidents, and it has been done without disturbing and in this respect, has caused problems in our discussions related to the substance itself “, he said during a virtual press conference. conference, Thursday (21/4/2022).

Sri Mulyani felt that the presence of Russia and Ukraine, as guest countries, was important because all member countries could express their views on global economic risks and how these risks should be managed. .

“It is interesting to note that although in this case there is a strong condemnation of the war in Ukraine by Russia, all members actually underpin the need for us to continue to maintain the G20 and multilateral cooperation” , did he declare.

According to him, the government has anticipated a number of scenarios, including the attitude of the G7 countries to the presence of the Russian delegation at this meeting. With invited countries, including Ukraine and international organizations, the view on global economic risks can be welcomed.

“So in this case, it’s not entirely surprising. Also, for us as president, it was done without disrupting or causing any problems in our discussion,” he said.

According to Sri Mulyani, the presence of Ukraine and Russia should be a good boost as it can be discussed openly by all members. This is done so that G20 members are able to address issues that are consistently important to the global economy, including the conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

In addition, the global situation is not over with the pandemic situation, so the recovery is still very fragile and very early, which is then also stifled by the occurrence of supply disruptions. “The conflict between Russia and Ukraine has also exacerbated the situation with rising prices for energy, food, fertilizers and raw materials, including mineral raw materials,” he said. .

Sri Mulyani pointed out that these challenges create a very difficult task for policy makers to support the recovery process amid the rapidly rising inflation in many countries.

“I think what is most interesting is that all members see the G20 as a very important forum, the main forum for economic cooperation to discuss both in terms of competition, coordination and collaboration,” did he declare.

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