Sri Mulyani Explains Importance of Reform to Harvard Graduate Students


Sri Mulyani explained the importance of reform in the development process. Picture/Document

JAKARTA – Ministry of Finance Sri Mulyani say that reform what government does is not just design the right policies. But he must also be able to explain and present to the public a question of efficiency through the use of digital technology.

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In addition, the implementation of fiscal discipline and institutional structural reform is also a very important step. This includes eradicating corruption, improving performance to be more transparent and accountable, even if it has to go through a very long and not easy process.

“For a country to perform better, generate higher productivity and better growth, it must work hard, reform bureaucracy, improve infrastructure and increase human capital. This is what we are doing as part of this year’s trip,” Sri said when visiting graduate students from Harvard University, United States (US), on the Singapore trekking activity. -Indonesia 2023 in Jakarta, cited Wednesday (11/1/2023).

On the other hand, Sri also said that Indonesia is a country that is relatively successful in coping with a pandemic and benefits from a commodity boom when the geopolitical situation threatens. Indonesia is also increasing the use of renewable energy to tackle the climate crisis.

“This is what Indonesia is doing. It’s not always easy, but reform is actually very important, even during the pandemic Indonesia has adopted many reforms,” ​​he said.

Meanwhile, other forms of reform that have also been carried out have taken the form of tax reform, financial sector reform and better cooperation between the central government and regional governments.

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“It is an ongoing reform. And again, reforming all infrastructures, human resources, institutions, policies, democratic systems is not always easy. But we are doing it and we are making pretty good progress in that regard,” Sri concluded.


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