Slightly losing in the first set, Anthony Ginting advances to R2 India Open 2023

KBB NEWS – First round India Open 2023 lasted 2 days. One of the BWF tournament series super 750 It’s been rolling since Tuesday, January 17, 2023 in New Delhi, India.

One of Indonesia’s representatives, Anthony Sinisuka Ginning, had to fight to qualify for the second round or the round of 16. Facing the representative of China, Lu Guang Zu, he played with a tight score.

Barely started the first game, Anthony Sinisuka Ginning, forced to work hard. China men’s singles stalwart Lu Guang Zu became the player’s first-round opponent India Open 2023.

Even though Ginning more favored, it does not easily win the best men’s singles in Indonesia. Ginning actually lost in the first set with a tight score of 19-21 to the representative of China.

Going into the second set, Anthony Sinisuka points Ginning always late. Until the interval of the second set, he could not get out of the pressure and fell behind with the score of 6-11.

After a rest break, Ginning changed the pattern of his game and managed to overtake and excel with a score of 14-11.

Unfortunately, he hasn’t been able to be consistent when the points are advancing. There was a chase – chasing points in the second set which was ultimately won Ginning with a close score of 21-19.

In the determination set, Ginning was yet to find his best game, so his points continued to fall behind early in the deciding set. However, he was able to turn things around after the third set break.

Ginning won by a tight score of 21-19. This match took place fiercely over a period of 1 hour 21 minutes. This is the fourth victory Ginning consecutively on the Chinese men’s singles.

Indonesia sent four representatives of the men’s singles India Open 2023. Everyone has completed the first round.

Here are the full results:

Chico Aura Dwi Wardoyo v Shi Yu Qi (China) 22-20, 16-21 and 15-21;

Jonathan Christie vs. Brian Yang (Canada) 21-14, 21-9;

Shesar Hiren Rhustavito v Lee Zii Jia (Malaysia) 22-20, 19-21 and 12-21;

Anthony Sinisuka Ginning against Lu Guang Zu (China) 19-21, 21-19 and 21-19.

With this result, two of Indonesia’s leading men’s singles representatives advanced to the second round. Jonathan Christie and Anthony Sinisuka Ginning will play in the round of 16 India Open 2023.

Anthony Sinisuka Ginning confirmed to follow Jonathan Christie in second round India Open 2023. Here are the opponents to face Ginning and Jonathan:

Anthony Sinisuka Ginning against Kantaphon Wangcharoen (Thailand);

Jonathan Christie against Zhao Jun Peng (China).

The two Indonesian representatives are in a different pool than the men’s singles. Jonathan is in the top hen, meanwhile Ginning in the lower basin.

Second turn India Open 2023 will be held on Thursday, January 19, 2023. Without representatives in the women’s doubles sector, so far the Indonesian team has again outperformed its representatives in all sectors.***

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