Shawn Mendes postpones tour to restore sanity

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Shawn Mendes postponed their world tour titled Wonder for three weeks. The postponement of the tour was due to Shawn Mendes wanting to focus on Mental Health.

“My heart breaks to say this. However, I unfortunately have to postpone the next three weeks of the tour until further notice,” Shawn Mendes wrote via social media on Friday (8/7).

“I’ve been touring since I was 15 and honestly it’s always hard being away from friends and family.”

On this occasion, he admitted that he had felt ready to resume touring after a long period of not doing so for some time.

“However, the decision turned out to be premature and unfortunately the journey and the pressures surrounded me and left me unable to cope,” Shawn Mendes said.

Therefore, the Canadian musician chatted with the team and the experts. Based on those discussions, all agreed that Shawn Mendes needed time to recover.

“I need to take time to heal and take care of myself and my sanity first and foremost,” Shawn Mendes wrote.

“I promise to let you know as soon as there are further developments.”


Wonder Shawn Mendes’ world tour kicks off June 27 in Portland, Oregon. The tour is scheduled to run through October in the US before resuming in May 2023 in the UK and Europe.

The announcement impacted Shawn Mendes’ concert plans in Ohio, Philadelphia, Washington DC and several other regions. There is no carryover information for this yet.

Shawn Mendes released his fourth studio album, Wonder, in December 2020. He also released the single It’ll Be Okay in December 2021.

Previously, Camila Cabello’s former lover confessed that he was scared to show his full potential as he feared his fans wouldn’t like him. She worries that people will find her boring because she is herself.

“I’m afraid that if people find out and see the truth, they won’t like it. They might get bored with me. So in this moment of low self-esteem, I show it or hide it,” he said. he declared. continued.

“The reality is, at the current position of 23, who continues to feel like it’s flying or sinking. Maybe that’s what happened in his twenties or maybe it’s just me feeling it,” Shawn Mendes said.


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